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Most common sensitivities include skin, digestion, joints, age related conditions or putting on weight following sterilization. Daily Care is an everyday diet specially designed to help your friend deal with a specific sensitivity. Each Daily Care diet is designed with a system of premium ingredients to meet the special nutritional needs of your dog and, as with every Eukanuba product, no artificial flavors,preservatives, colors or fillers are added.

Added Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate, formulated to help support healthy joints and L-Carnitine for healthy weight to help minimize joint stress

The ability to move around freely is a sign of good health – but for many dogs, sensitive joints and excess weight can reduce their activities. Therefore dogs can benefit from special nutrition, like Eukanuba Sensitive Joints, to help stay in good shape and enjoy an active life.

Daily Care Sensitive Joints is a complete and balanced everyday diet.