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Most common sensitivities include skin, digestion, joints, age related conditions or putting on weight following sterilization. Daily Care is an everyday diet specially designed to help your friend deal with a specific sensitivity. Each Daily Care diet is designed with a system of premium ingredients to meet the special nutritional needs of your dog and, as with every Eukanuba product, no artificial flavors,preservatives, colors or fillers are added.

Specially formulated to limit ingredients that may cause itching and scratching Vitamin-rich fish as a primary protein source.

If you had a skin problem and a change in diet helped manage it would you go back to your previous diet? Most likely not. DAILY CARE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN follows the same principle. First, feed your dog this diet to help promote skin & coat health, then, even when his coat is brilliant and shiny, keep feeding Daily Care for Sensitive Skin to help maintain this magnificent appearance. Maintain the diet that agrees with your dog rather than feeding the old diet. Daily Care for Sensitive Skin is a complete and balanced everyday diet for dogs with sensitive skin that includes the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

Daily Care Sensitive Skin is a complete and balanced everyday diet for dogs with sensitive skin. It includes:


 * Compared to Eukanuba Adult Maintenance diet or adult dogs of all breeds weighing less than 40kg) from 1+ years and giant breeds weighing more than 40kg from 2+ years with a tendency to sensitive skin>