KITZ - Air Purifier - VC

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  1. Use: Revitalises and refreshes the air in your home and indoor spaces.
  2. Directions: Just add a few drops of the Kitz Air Revitalisor fragrance concentrate to water in your Kitz purifier.
  3. Composition: Plastic, with LED lights on the Rainbow range
  4. Benefits: The Kitz Air Purifier is a Water-Air Treatment system – a unique air cleaning system that uses the natural cleaning power of water and botanical extracts. It purifies, sanitizes, humidifies, deodorizes. and provides a natural aromatherapy effect all at the same time through a natural air-scrubbing process that effectively produces clean, refreshing and healthy air. Creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere through the use of Kitz range of botanical aromatherapy solutions.
  5. Size: 25cm H X 35CMW X 26CML Rainbow Range
  6. Weight: 1.2kg Rainbow Range, and 1kg without the LED lights