KITZ - Air Revitalisor Botanical Fragrances - VC

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  1. Use: Revitalises and refreshes the air in your home and indoor spaces.
  2. Directions: Just add a few drops of the concentrate to water in your Kitz purifier.
  3. Composition:Plastic bottle with liquid Concentrate.
  4. Main Active Ingredients: Essential oils & fragrance compounds, Natural pine & citrus peel extracts.
  5. Size: 10cm height X 3cm width X 1Cm breadth
  6. Weight: 60ml



Relaxes, counters stress and uplifts the spirits


Soothes cold and improves concentration


Increases mental clarity and enhances vitality


Refreshes the mind and enhances creativity

Tea Tree and Lavender

Calms your mind and invigorates your senses

Lily of the Valley

Calms nerves and promotes restful sleep.  Oasis takes you on a journey of calmness and serenity

Sage Lavender and Menthol

Promotes ease of breathing and soothes the senses

Citronella and Lemon Grass

Induces relaxation and repels insects


Refreshes the mind and balances the emotion


Promotes healing and aids meditation


Freshness of spring