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Natural, wholesome and authentically prepared, Field + Forest™ is a product of passion for both nutrition and nature, expertly crafted for dog owners who care as much about their pet’s health as they do
about their own.

The Field + Forest™ approach to formulation is simple. By learning from the natural diet of dogs and their wild ancestors, we have a perfect dietary blueprint. That’s why we let nature be our guide in every way. This means a variety of high-quality proteins, nutrient-rich meats, wholesome fruits & vegetables, perfectly balanced for Optimum Biosuitability™, with no added grains, gluten or unnecessary supplemental additives.

The Field + Forest™ signature formulations include the finest ingredients from around the world. We’ve searched far and wide for the most nutritiously beneficial fruits, vegetables and Super Foods to complement our high-quality proteins.

The Field + Forest™ formulations are Guided by Nature™, inspired by a time before we relied on grain. The ancestral diet of dogs would not have included the additives found in many of today’s foods, relying instead on the prey to cater to all their nutritional needs. Field + Forest™replicates this diet by using everything from the meat and organs to the bones and cartilage, providing complete and natural nutrition, without unnecessary extras.