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Using nutrient-rich meat and poultry proteins (derived from ostrich & lamb), added vitamins (including C, D and E) and minerals – as well as high levels of antioxidants – in every enticing, balanced bowl, supports overall physical well-being and helps maintain a healthy immune system. Pets are family and deserve the very best – enabling our customers to provide an optimally nutritious diet for their dogs, is the Montego Karoo promise.


Rich in nutrients derived from ostrich and lamb, Montego Karoo Puppy’s formulation includes added DHA for developing brains and vision, Glucosamine and Chondroitin for growing joints and cartilage, added vitamins (incl. C, D & E), minerals and high levels of antioxidants. 

The ultra-premium formulation sustains the boundless energy of youth, meets the demands of a small but growing body and lays the strong foundations required for a healthy, happy future for your puppy.

For further nutritional information and portion sizes refer to the details on the back of the package or contact our resident Veterinarian  Dr. Ziyaad Akoojee (BVSc) (021) 712 8283 for further advice.