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WUMA! Fully-Balanced Dog Food is specifically formulated with your canine best friend’s interests and wellbeing at heart, without breaking your budget. WUMA! is specifically formulated for adult dogs with a normal level of activity, and is rich in chicken for easy digestion and palatability. It is also vitamin enriched for health and vitality and contains anti-oxidants to boost immunity.

Balanced Omega 6:3 Ratio for a healthy skin and coat: WUMA! contains this insoluble mineral salt proven to protect the gut and to absorb toxins and odours. WUMA! has a moderate fat level of 8%, enhancing palatability while reducing the risk of excessive fat intake with overfeeding and resulting in obesity, yet sufficient in providing energy for moderately active dogs. Our pellets are gravy-coated for added taste and enjoyment. No artificial flavourants or colorants are used. WUMA!

WUMA! fully-balanced dog food is registered with the department of agriculture, V18961 of Act 36 of 1947 and the P.F.I (Pet Food Industry Association of South Africa (Pty) Ltd). A top quality, fully-balanced puppy food is also available.